Sri Aurobindo and the Mother on Aha! moments

When knowledge is fresh in us, then it is invincible; when it is old, it loses its virtue. This is because God moves always forward – Sri Aurobindo

Sri Aurobindo is speaking here of knowledge through inspiration or revelation. In other words, when something suddenly descends and illuminates your understanding: all of a sudden, you feel you know a certain thing for the very first time, because it comes to you directly from the domain of Light, the domain of true knowledge, and it comes with all its innate force of truth – it illuminates you.  And indeed, when you’ve just received it, it seems as though nothing could resist that Light. And if you make sure to let it work in you, it brings about as much transformation as it can in its own domain.

It is the higher Knowledge, Truth expressing itself, what he calls “the true knowledge”; and that knowledge transforms the whole creation. But He seems to let it rain down constantly, you see, and if you don’t hurry up (laughing), you get left behind!

But have you never felt a sort of dazzling flash in your head? And then: “Aha! That’s it!” Sometimes it’s something that was known intellectually, but it was drab and lifeless; and then all at once it comes as a tremendous power, organizing everything in the consciousness around that Light – it doesn’t last very long. Sometimes it lasts a few hours, sometimes a few days, but never longer, unless one is very slow in one’s movement. And meanwhile, you know (laughing), the Source of Truth is moving on and on and on….


In MOTHER’S AGENDA, 6 October 1962


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