The secret meaning of an “Aha!” moment

We’ve all had them, although we may not have known that’s what they’re called. It’s a pristine moment of clarity that makes us stop whatever we’re doing and say “I get it. I really get it!” We’re fascinated with these moments, whether they happen to us or to someone else. Even Oprah finds them worth writing about. She includes a feature at the end of each issue of O Magazine describing an Aha! moment of a celebrity or respected figure.

What is the foundation of an Aha! moment? What makes them different from an ordinary moment of understanding? The difference is in the quality of our thoughts and our sense of self in the moment we receive the wisdom. I was looking at the word Aha and had my own realization. The secret is hidden in the word itself.

A – Authenticity. An Aha! moment happens when you tap into your genuine self. This is your deep self who rests beneath the outer layers of personality and ego. Your authentic self is the heart of Who You Really Are. When you connect with your true self, the wisdom you receive is untainted by the surface worries and thoughts of everyday life, what some call the “monkey mind”. It is the voice of your purest wisdom and when it speaks you cannot help but listen.

H – Humility. These moments are filled with the humility of recognizing the smallness of your understanding and the immensity of the greater Intelligence that surrounds us. It is that age-old paradox of knowing that you really don’t know anything at all. Even in our most insightful moments, we only touch the surface of a very deep pond. Kumu Etua Lopez often tells his students, “You look into the pond and see only yourself. You don’t know how deep the water is. ” When you have the humility to let go of how much you know, the Aha! moment let’s you glimpse deeper forces, a greater Intelligence and mysterious order that exists beyond us.

A – Awareness. An  Aha! moment comes when your awareness, your attention and your presence is in the Now. Without you giving your awareness, the moment passes you by. When your Conscious Mind acknowledges a new learning, it creates immediate integration with the deep level of understanding in the Unconscious Mind and essentially reprograms your beliefs in an instant. Your conscious awareness allows the shift to occur. Ekhart Tolle in his book, The Power of Now, teaches us the power of living in the present moment. Your awareness empowers the moment and sets the roots of the learning deep into Who You Really Are.

Aha! moments become more frequent as we nurture authenticity, humility and awareness in our lives. These characteristics build a foundation of integrity that supports a life of eager anticipation for the next new experience and the next new learning. With each Aha! moment, you become more attuned to your purpose, your wisdom, and your connection in the matrix of life.



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